27 JULY 2021
Register for Gold Processing for Non-Metallurgists 2021 workshop

AGR is pleased to invite our customers to attend the 2021 ‘Gold Processing for Non-Metallurgists’ workshop, which AGR hosts as part of its ongoing sponsorship of the P420G project, coordinated by AMIRA International.

08 MARCH 2019
AGR Announces Record Production Rate

AGR Announces Record Production Rate In its 30th year of operation, AGR is pleased to announce it had a record production of 86,000 tonnes of sodium cyanide at its Kwinana based manufacturing operation to the end of financial year 30 June 2019. Whilst AGR continues to maintain a strong focus on reliability and safety, the success of increasing production of sodium cyanide solution is attributed to key infrastructure improvement initiatives. AGR will continue to innovate and grow the business in a safe, responsible manner to which they have always adhered to, and has plans to further increase plant capacity to 100,000 + tonnes per annum in the coming years.

05 MARCH 2019
AGR Celebrates 30 Years

AGR Celebrates 30 Years AGR is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing sodium cyanide at its modern, safe production facilities in Kwinana, Western Australia.  Since the plant was commissioned in 1988, AGR has achieved significant milestones including: 1988 First sodium cyanide solution customer delivery 1989 AGR’s plant named Society of Chemical Industry of Victoria’s “Plant of the Year,” in recognition of its design, innovation, efficiency, safety and transport facilities 1996 Plant production capacity increases to 32,000 tonnes per annum to meet demand 1999 Duplicate sodium cyanide solution plant built adding 15,000 tonnes per annum 2002 Sodium Cyanide Solids plant is commissioned and the first consignment of solid briquette form leaves Fremantle port 2004 Plant production capacity increase to 58,000 tonnes per […]

01 FEBRUARY 2019
AGR Sponsors RIU Conference 2019

AGR Sponsors RIU Conference 2019 AGR will once again sponsor the 2019 RIU Explorers Conference, following the success of the event last year. The RIU Explorers Conference continues to be the premier forum for junior resource companies to engage with and hear from industry heavy weights on the innovations and initiatives enriching the sector. AGR Account Manager, Sandra Grljusich said the business was thrilled to maintain their affiliation with the conference. “The RIU Conference continues to attract an ever-growing group of gold mining explorers, juniors and producers providing the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to network,” she said. AGR is Western Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of sodium cyanide products.   To find out more about how AGR can assist your […]

11 JANUARY 2019
AGR congratulates Qube Bulk Pty Ltd (Qube) on obtaining certification under the International Cyanide Management (ICMI) Code.

AGR congratulates Qube Bulk Pty Ltd (Qube) on obtaining certification under the International Cyanide Management (ICMI) Code. Congratulations to Qube Bulk Pty Ltd (Qube) on obtaining certification under the International Cyanide Management (ICMI) Code. In March 2018, Qube became AGR’s logistics provider, providing end-to-end services for the safe transport of sodium cyanide products. Peter Cooper, AGR’s Export Manager, confirmed that AGR was a founding signatory of ICMI in 2005 and Qube’s achievement is a further step by a dedicated service provider to support AGR’s vision of contributing to the success of their customers with an uncompromising focus on safety, the environment and people. “Qube’s commitment for the safe transport of our product is demonstrated by being a Signatory to the ICMI and achieving […]

07 DECEMBER 2018
AGR helps customers meet safety obligations through online training

AGR helps customers meet safety obligations through online training Do you know that AGR offers free online sodium cyanide awareness training to customers and contractors? Completing the two interactive modules enables participants to meet the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standard “The storage and handling of toxic substances 4452:1997 Section 6.7.2.” Subjects cover manufacturing, transportation, safe handling and emergency response when dealing with solid and solution sodium cyanide products. An unbuild assessment tool measures understanding of the content and the training takes fifty minutes to complete. Over 800 people have registered for this training. The online activities are available via agrcyanide.com.  Click Online Training and register onto the ‘Sodium Cyanide Awareness’ program. For more information contact Darren Gould,Technical Representative at darren.gould@agrcyanide.com

02 AUGUST 2018
New General Manager for AGR

New General Manager for AGR Barney Jones has been appointed to the role of General Manager – Chemicals Joint Ventures and Australian Vinyls.  As part of this position, Barney will oversee Australian Gold Reagents (AGR). When asked about his appointment, Barney commented: “I’m excited to be joining AGR after working in other parts of CSBP for eight years. My previous roles were customer-centric and driven by a commitment to deliver on customer’s needs at all times. “I think knowing and understanding the customers’ needs, and what role we, the supplier, could play, can only come from building relationships. “This is something I’m keen to focus on as I move into my new role and I look forward to meeting as […]