Customer Advantages

AGR's Solution Sodium Cyanide product is supplied to customers within Western Australia.

No handling at mine site

We deliver Solution Sodium Cyanide in a ready-to-use form, which eliminates product handling by mine site personnel.

Lower storage costs

Our proximity to Western Australia’s gold-producing regions means short delivery times to customers. This, together with our substantial storage facilities, minimises the need for customers to hold large volumes of stock on site, and saves both upfront and working capital costs.

Cost benefits

As a ready-to-use product, customers don’t need to have solid mixing facilities or clean pH balanced water to dissolve Solid Sodium Cyanide. This is particularly relevant to mining operations in WA that can only access high salinity water or face other water resource management issues.

Stock management

AGR manages and monitors stock levels at customer site storage facilities, typically using telemetry monitoring systems which provides surety of supply, working capital and freight cost benefits for our customers.

Custom-designed isotainers

We transport Solution Sodium Cyanide using custom-designed isotainers engineered to the highest safety and standards. The delivery and transfer of product to mine site receival and storage facilities is designed to ensure the safety of all personnel.

A key safety feature of the isotainers is a specialised “top discharge” pressurised pumping system which pneumatically discharges the product directly into customer storage vessels.

All isotainer fittings are located within a protective coaming box, which can be locked when vessels are holding product and in transit, providing additional safety benefits.

Our isotainers comply with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code for International Maritime Organisation Type 1 vessels and the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, and meet Australian Standards AS 1210 Pressure Vessels.

Safe, accredited transport

Our long-term relationships with our transport contractors mean we have a high level of confidence that our supply chain is safe, compliant and meets all regulations.

We develop transport management plans together with customers and transport providers that are International Cyanide Management Institute Code-accredited and address all aspects of delivery, from our production facilities to customer sites via rail and road.

To ensure the highest level of safety and security, the transport of all product is continuously tracked and monitored throughout delivery to the site.

Specific advice

We provide advice to our customers on the design and construction of storage options to meet specific mine requirements, and can undertake inspections and audits to ensure storage and receival facilities meet legislative and statutory requirements.

This program is supported by online and face-to-face training options, advice on job safety analysis, HAZOPS and procedures as well as other support and training options.

We continuously monitor stock levels at site storage facilities, usually through telemetry to enable the timely resupply of product and minimise the risk of stock outages.

Product properties

  • Clear, colourless to red-brown liquid (red dye is added as a safety feature to differentiate the product from other coloured chemicals used on mine sites)
  • Concentration approximately 30 per cent sodium cyanide by weight
  • Strong ammonia odour
  • Highly alkaline with 0.4 per cent free caustic soda
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-volatile (does not form a vapour cloud)
  • Non-explosive
  • Does not persist in the environment