05 MARCH 2019

AGR Celebrates 30 Years

AGR is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing sodium cyanide at its modern, safe production facilities in Kwinana, Western Australia.  Since the plant was commissioned in 1988, AGR has achieved significant milestones including:

1988 First sodium cyanide solution customer delivery

1989 AGR’s plant named Society of Chemical Industry of Victoria’s “Plant of the Year,” in recognition of its design, innovation, efficiency, safety and transport facilities

1996 Plant production capacity increases to 32,000 tonnes per annum to meet demand

1999 Duplicate sodium cyanide solution plant built adding 15,000 tonnes per annum

2002 Sodium Cyanide Solids plant is commissioned and the first consignment of solid briquette form leaves Fremantle port

2004 Plant production capacity increase to 58,000 tonnes per annum

2005 AGR becomes a founding signatory of the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) and is accredited under the International Cyanide Management Code

2010 Plant production capacity increases to 64,000 tonnes per annum

2014 Plant production capacity increases to 78,000 tonnes per annum

2019 Plant production capacity increases to 85,000 tonnes per annum

Over the past 30 years, AGR has built a strong and enviable reputation of being a reliable supplier with an uncompromising focus on safety, providing competitively priced product and being strongly aligned with the success of our customers.

Barney Jones, General Manager AGR, said the future for the business was all about growing to meet the demand of the market.

“The future focus of the business is to grow in the safe, responsible manner to which we’ve always adhered. We need to have the production capacity to meet customers’ requirements both here in WA and at sites across the world,” he said.