Customer Advantages

AGR's Solid to Solution (STS) product is supplied to customers in remote locations within Australia.

Economic transport solution

Receiving deliveries of Solid Sodium Cyanide in bulk form can provide an economical transport solution and can enhance the supply chain model.

Practical delivery cycles

For mines that have a heavy demand for Sodium Cyanide and suitable logistics infrastructure, delivery cycles (delivery and return) of STS isotainers are set-up to provide safe and suitable volumes of ready-to-use solution.

Design and construction assistance

We assist customers in the design and construction of storage tanks and programming dissolution, as well as delivery processes, to ensure safe storage and dissolution of the product.

Custom-designed isotainers

Our STS isotainers are custom-designed and engineered to ensure the highest level of safety and security during delivery and operation.
The design meets the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code for International Maritime Organisation Type 1 vessels and the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail.

Safe freight options

Our long-term relationships with our transport contractors mean we have a high level of confidence that our supply chain is safe, compliant and meets all regulations.

For the majority of Australian customers, STS is transported in isotainers from our production facilities by rail, and then road freighted to customer mine sites.

Where rail transport is not available, product is transported by road direct to customer mine sites.

To ensure the highest level of safety and security, the transport of all product is continuously tracked and monitored throughout delivery to site.

Expert advice

We provide our Australian STS customers with advice regarding the design and construction of storage options to meet specific mine requirements.
We also continuously monitor stock levels at site storage facilities, usually through telemetry on the tanks, to enable the timely resupply of product and minimise the risk of stock outages.

Product properties


  • A white solid soluble in water
  • High pH when dissolved
  • Faint smell of almonds
  • Exposure induces a metallic feeling in nose and/or mouth.


  • A red dye is added when dissolved as a safety feature so the product can be differentiated from other coloured chemicals used on the mine site
  • Concentration approximately 30 per cent sodium cyanide by weight
  • Strong ammonia odour
  • Highly alkaline with 0.4 per cent free caustic soda
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-volatile (does not form a vapour cloud)
  • Non-explosive
  • Does not persist in the environment