27 OCTOBER 2016

Safety first

As a leader in safety performance, Australian Gold Reagents (AGR) have taken our skills and experience globally, working with transport networks to ensure the safe delivery and handling of our product.

Experienced AGR representatives recently visited East Java, Indonesia to work with the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) accredited transporter, PT Trans Continent, to conduct safety training, review the transport route for potential hazards and to recommend controls to mitigate any risk with the handling or transport of sodium cyanide.

The mine-site is located approximately 380km south east of Surabaya and is a 12 hour drive from the shipping port.  Prior to the first delivery of product, AGR representatives together with management and truck drivers from PT Trans Continent took the journey to complete a route survey.

The route survey examines the journey from the delivery port to the entry of the mine site, identifying potential risks and hazards along the way.  A dash cam video is used to record the entire trip; it captures the road and traffic conditions, the standard of driving, the location of hospitals and schools, along with anything else that could pose a risk to the safe driving and delivery of sodium cyanide to the mine site.

Part of the route survey includes a risk and hazard analysis.  “We check all port to mine routes and do a risk assessment to understand all potential hazards and put forward recommendations to mitigate the risk,” said Ed Beard, Export Technical Manager for AGR.  “Every-time we visit the site a route survey is conducted and the survey is reviewed annually, or as required.”

In addition to conducting the route survey, AGR also facilitated an Emergency Response Exercise to the management and drivers of PT Trans Continent.  A real-life scenario was acted out, whereby an accident had occurred and some cyanide was spilt from the container. The drivers practised managing the accident scene, putting on correct PPE and cleaning up the spilt cyanide.  “Our training and Emergency Response Exercise covers many aspects of cyanide awareness and safe transport including, the importance of pre-start check lists, convoy management procedures, what to do in the event of an accident or incident, signs and symptoms of cyanide poisoning,  first aid procedures for cyanide exposure, containment and clean-up of spilt cyanide,” said Ed.

The training was very well received by the management of PT Trans Continent.  “Thank you for your time, your guidance and your training, in sharing your safety experience for our team.  It is very valuable for the safety of our operations,” said Ismail Raysid, Managing Director of PT Trans Continent.

The training delivered by AGR compliments the training PT Trans Continent also delivers to their drivers.  “Our training is not the only training delivered, but reinforces the messages around safe driving, safe handling and incident management, which are the key messages we want to enforce.  We will go the extra mile to ensure the product is handled properly and safely” said Ed.

The first shipment of 20’ containers of Solid Sodium Cyanide is scheduled for early November.