06 OCTOBER 2017

Microsoft Power BI improves efficiency and safety

As a tool that aggregates, analyses and visualises data, Power BI has been implemented with the assistance of the Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers (WesCEF) IT team who helped configure and troubleshoot the models as part of a collaborative approach at WesCEF.

The models draw information from a variety of sources including MacroView Historian (plant data), Labware, Cintillate, Appointment Book and JDE, generating useful data for engineers, supervisors and managers to monitor and view key plant metrics.

WesCEF Chief Information Officer Alex Larson said the models relayed information about parameters such as pressures, temperatures and flow rates, as well as production, utility usage, lab results, and quality measures.

“Having successfully implemented Power BI’s features, AGR teams are now able to view production, key metrics, hazards reported, outstanding actions, and work orders all within the same model,” said Mr Larson. Further uses of the software at AGR include creating a performance index for plants, tracking lost tonnes, and viewing product despatch data.

“Innovative projects like this are just some of the opportunities our Information Technology and Systems employees are exposed to on a daily basis to make a real impact across our diverse chemicals, energy and fertilisers businesses,” said Mr Larson.