09 FEBRUARY 2018

AGR’s Peter Cooper Elected as Vice Chair of ICMI’s Industry Advisory Group (IAG)

Peter Cooper, AGR’s Export Manager, has been elected as Vice Chair of the International Cyanide Management Institute’s (ICMI) Industry Advisory Group (IAG). The IAG is a forum to advance the education, communication and discussion about the implementation of the International Cyanide Management Code amongst the program’s participating signatory companies. Peter will be working closely over the next two years with Scott Miller, Group Executive – Environment at Newmont Mining Corporation as the elected Chair of the IAG.

Peter has been involved with the IAG as AGR’s representative since AGR became part of the founding signatories to the ICMI Code in 2005.  Peter has assisted in preparing papers for IAG to present to ICMI in regards to the signatory status review for Transporters and recently with the addition of red dye in sodium cyanide for safety purposes. Peter has also held the IAG Vice Chair position from 2009 to 2010.

Peter brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise which supports a wide range of AGR customers, both domestically and internationally, in their quest for ICMI accreditation and safe management practices of sodium cyanide.