11 JULY 2019

AGR ICMI Transport Recertification Audit and Transport Management Plan Audit

As part of our International Cyanide Management Code (ICMI) certification, AGR are committed to improving the safety and standards for cyanide management.  This year AGR has been involved in two major Audits against our WA Supply Chain Operations.

Transport Management Plan Audit – February 2019

The Transport Management Plan (TMP) Audit is conducted every two years by an independent external auditor as required by the WA Ministerial which allows AGR to move cyanide throughout WA.  This audit reviewed and verified AGR’s transport management obligations and requirements as directed via the Transport Management Plan Document held by AGR. The Audit was completed by Michael Sputore & Associates Pty Ltd over a five day  period that resulted  in no non-conformances identified. The audit scope included reviewing all local road, rail and intermodal parts of the WA Supply Chain for Cyanide Transport.

ICMI WA Supply Chain Recertification Audit May 2019

The ICMI Cyanide Code is a voluntary industry program for gold and silver mining companies.  The ICMI focuses exclusively on the safe management of cyanide and cyanidation mill tailings and leach solutions. As a signatory to this code, AGR underwent its Western Australian Supply Chain ICMI Recertification Audit in May 2019. This audit is completed every three years by an independent external auditor.

In 2019 the audit was managed by Golder over a period of three-days and reviewed at all facets of AGR’s WA Cyanide Supply Chain against the ICMI transport verification protocols. This included road, rail, intermodal and terminal (Port and Rail) operations. No non-conformances were identified.  A copy of the finalised summary audit report is due to be released via the ICMI website later this year.

AGR is appreciative of the openness and assistance provided by all transport contractors that were involved in these audits this year.