AGR’s rigorous approach to emergency response is part of CSBP’s emergency response framework.

The function and structure of CSBP’s Emergency Response Unit is reviewed annually by various government organisations. We regularly hold emergency response exercises involving CSBP emergency response teams and representatives of customers, transporters and regulatory authorities. Results of these exercises are reported to participating agencies for ongoing improvement.

Safety and performance audits of our Australian and international transport operators are also conducted each year.

Western Australia

Through CSBP’s Emergency Response Unit, AGR provides support in the event of an incident involving sodium cyanide at off-site locations. If required, a coordinated response effort will involve appropriate authorities including Police, Fire and Emergency Services (FESA) in Western Australia, transport carriers and mine site personnel.

All road transport movements are tracked by satellite, and mobile phone communication between the driver and transport operator ensures contact is maintained at all times. Rail locomotives that transport sodium cyanide solution between Perth and Kalgoorlie are equipped with communication systems and satellite tracking, and are in constant contact with the WA Government’s train control centre.


AGR works with port authorities and major shipping companies to ensure safe handling of solid sodium cyanide. Packaging and shipment meets the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, which is managed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Australia.

We work with our international transport contractors to establish emergency response plans, which are developed from route risk assessments and hazard mapping, for the transport of product to our customers. We also assist with training and implementing emergency response plans.

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