Solid Sodium Cyanide

AGR supplies high quality solid sodium cyanide in briquette form. Briquettes are highly soluble in water and delivered in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or AGR’s custom-designed Solid to Solution (STS) isotainers.

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AGR supplies high quality solid sodium cyanide in briquette form, both nationally and globally.


Freight advantages for long haul supply chain

Receiving solid sodium cyanide in bulk form provides an economical transport solution and can enhance the supply chain model.


Employee safety

Receiving solid sodium cyanide in briquette form ensures mine site personnel are not exposed to dust.


Efficient transport and storage solutions

Boxes used to transport solid sodium cyanide can be disposed of upon receival, ensuring a one-way supply chain to help reduce freight costs. The boxes also provide capacity to hold stocks on site to make up reagent solution cyanide to meet operational requirements.


Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Solid sodium cyanide briquettes are packed in one-tonne IBCs for storage and transport

Each IBC consists of a waterproof polyethylene bag that has been heat-sealed to provide a moisture barrier. This is enclosed in a woven polypropylene bag that is encased in a custom-designed, strong wooden box on a pallet base to provide further protection during storage and transit.

AGR’s proven IBC packaging system complies with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Testing, including stack tests and bottom lift tests, ensures IBCs meet United Nations recommendations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

For the export market, IBCs are packed and transported in 20-foot sea containers. Prior to leaving our production facilities, each sea container is identified with a security seal and unique identity number for tracking purposes and to prevent tampering during transit.

Solid to Solution (STS)

AGR also offers a Solid to Solution (STS), whereby solid sodium cyanide is delivered in bulk (up to 20 metric tonnes) by isotainers. Please refer to STS for further information.

Solid Sodium Cyanide Convoy

AGR continually communicates with customers and supply chain stakeholders to ensure the reliable and secure supply of our products.

We partner with transporters that are signatories to the International Cyanide Management Institute Code and we adopt a range of measures to control risk, including using escort vehicles to accompany trucks transporting solid sodium cyanide, and satellite tracking.

We work with our international customers and transporters to prepare and update transport management plans and provide other support, such as risk identification, assessment and management to establish control practices to facilitate safe transport. These controls are regularly monitored and audited by AGR, and we support key stakeholders with training.

International road transport configuration varies subject to the regulations of each country. Information on the requirements of specific regions is available on request.

  • White solid (red dye is added as a safety feature so that when dissolved, the product can be differentiated from other coloured chemicals used on the mine site)
  • Soluble in water
  • Briquette form
  • High pH when dissolved
  • Faint smell of almonds
  • Exposure induces a metallic feeling in nose and / or mouth
Solid Sodium Cyanide Briquettes

Solid Sodium Cyanide

Other Names

Hydrocyanic acid sodium salt

Recommended Uses

Extraction of gold and silver from ores