Australian Gold Reagents (AGR) is taking additional steps to manage the potential risks of coronavirus.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

AGR’s priority continues to be the safety of its employees, contractors, customers, and the community.


Security of Supply


AGR would like to assure customers that there is minimal risk to security of supply at the moment and we are utilising our comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to mitigate the risks of the spread of coronavirus. 


The BCP requires additional steps to be taken to ensure minimal impact on the business, its employees, contractors and its customers.


AGR has restricted international business travel and has put precautionary measures in place with respect to personal travel in accordance with Australian Government advice. We will continue to review the COVID-19 situation regularly and will keep you notified.


About AGR


The AGR Sodium Cyanide plant is situated at CSBP’s chemical manufacturing facility  in Kwinana, Western Australia.  AGR currently produces approximately 90,000 tonnes p.a. of sodium cyanide.


The main inputs for AGR’s sodium cyanide production are:

  • natural gas: sourced from West Australian gas fields, under a main agreement with a local supplier but backed up with contingency suppliers.
  • Ammonia: purchased via agreement with CSBP (75% shareholder of AGR). CSBP produces and imports Ammonia, and has a bulk storage terminal in Kwinana.
  • Caustic Soda: sourced both locally and internationally with current caustic Soda inventory stocks at capacity.
  • electricity: sourced primarily by onsite generation and supported by grid connection via a retailer agreement.


AGR has three production plants with a licence to store in excess of 15,000 tonnes of Sodium Cyanide at its Kwinana site.  AGR uses both rail and road transport in WA for the supply of cyanide and is working closely with its providers to ensure they have robust contingency plans to manage the risk of coronavirus to their businesses.


If you require any further information please contact or an AGR Account Manager.